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Georgia Rodgers is a composer of instrumental and electronic music whose work focuses on textural and spatial aspects of sound and the experience of listening. In 2016 she was selected as one of Sound and Music’s New voices.

Georgia studied Physics and Music at the University of Edinburgh followed by a Masters degree in computer music taught by Michael Edwards. She is now pursuing a PhD in composition at City University, London, with a particular focus on the perception of sound, space and the human experience of listening. Her supervisor is Newton Armstrong.

Georgia also works part-time as an acoustician for a firm of consulting engineers, specialising in architectural acoustics. She lives and works (and was born) in north London.

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North London native Loraine James is an electronic artist/producer (influenced by artists such as Aoki Takamasa, Telefon Tel Aviv and Toe) with a lot of promise and already a wealth of material. A master at crafting organic textures through inorganic means, she effortlessly blends Electronica and IDM with whispers of jazz and ambience all wrapped up in the artists key avant-garde aesthetic and sensibility.

Having released her debut album ‘Detail’ in 2017, Loraine has gone on to play at Shankra Festival in Switzerland, Rye Wax and Splice Festival at Rich Mix.

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Francine Perry is a 25 year old producer, composer and engineer based in London. 

Under the moniker La Leif she makes gritty electronic music that sits somewhere between broken techno and a dystopian film soundtrack. Her new material takes inspiration from the urban soundworld as apposed to the natural soundworld of her debut EP ‘The Nest’. It involves field recordings taken in Berlin and London, meshing industrial sounds into a deep listening and club context. As well as making music Francine co-founded the London based collective for female and non-binary music producers called Omnii and is one half of the duo ORKA with whom she has toured across Europe, Hong Kong, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

Her next EP ’Violet’ will be released on August 31st by Blank Editions.



Using unsettling noise, distressed screams, hand made electronics and found objects pushed through pedals, AJA’s industrial beats and distorted drone, combined with a psycho-visceral, intense performance, challenges the audience by breaking down barriers and pushing limits sonically and visually.

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Hannah Catherine Jones is a multi-instrumentalist, scholar, radio presenter, composer, conductor and founder of Peckham Chamber Orchestra.
Her practice is connected through a central spine of inclusivity and decolonization. Myths, (both ancient and modern), word-play, appropriation and my own voice (in song) are my materials. Aspiring towards a totality of the performative experience – incorporating language, music, location and technology (lyrics, sound, site, documentation (content, performance, signs, devices)).
Foxy Moron, her alter ego, is summoned to epitomise the antagonisms of my performative investigations into language and action. Foxy Moron re-enforces a status as a living pun and armours me with the power of physiological disguise.